New study to reveal impact of universities

12 10 2007

The value of higher education in the UK will come under scrutiny from 2007- 2010 as a three-year study into the social and economic impact of British universities has been launched this week at Strathclyde University.  With £3 million funding, the study is designed to help universities compete globally and engage locally with their communities and regions.  The overall aim of the IMPACT (Impact of Higher Education Institutions on regional economies initiative) study is to promote better understanding of the key economic and social impacts generated by UK higher education institutions on their host regions and on other regions of the UK.  

The five research themes are: i) knowledge flows to and from HE, encompassing knowledge creation, exchange and utilisation; (ii) the teaching and deployment of students and graduates; (iii) the competitiveness and attractiveness of places, including regions, sub-regions, cities and towns; (iv) specific communities and social groups and regional, sub-regional and local levels; and (v) International ( including European) and trans-regional economic, social and cultural interactions with the host region.  Projects include: Students as catalysts of City and Regional Growth , Impact of Research and Innvovation Networks on Regional Competitiveness: The role of HEIs, and The overall impact of HEIs on regional economies in the UK.




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