Method for allocating HEIF funds

27 11 2007

Following the welcome announcement of an increase in HEIF funding, HEFCE have today circulated EP 04/2007 Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF 4): method for allocating funds to Heads of HEFCE-funded institutions and Heads of universities in Northern Ireland. 

The circular reports that HEFCE Board met on 22 November 2007 and agreed the following:

a. The total budget for HEIF 4 will be £112 million, £134 million and £150 million, for the 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 academic years respectively. A further £8 million will be allocated to support a fifth and final year of funding to Centres for Knowledge Exchange (CKEs) in 2008-09.

b. The formula will be based on allocating £150 million in 2010-11. [See HEIF webpages for full details]

c. HEFCE will use 2006-07 Higher Education-Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) survey and Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) data to calculate the actual HEIF 4 allocations for 2008-2011 which will be published in March 2008. However, indicative modelling of HEIF 4 allocations based on historic HESA and HE-BCI data, is on the HEFCE web-site.

d. HEFCE will issue full guidance summarising all details of HEIF 4, including the documentation HEIs need to submit to release HEIF 4 allocations and the timetable, in the next couple of months.




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21 12 2007
Mixed response to funding for knowledge transfer « NCGE Blog

[…] the HE community is split concerning the fairness of the allocation method for HEIF4 funding. The new funding arrangements for so-called third stream activities are viewed as a welcome redistribution of wealth from rich to […]

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