The Entrepreneurship Myth

28 01 2008

 Scott Shane is Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at Case Western University and the author of The Illusions of Entrepreneurship, to be published by Yale University Press this month.  In the book he seeks to dispel “popular illusions about startups”.  In one recent interview, he discusses his premise that his book is critical of public policy that promotes the idea “that entrepreneurs, regardless of what kind, are good, and if we just have more of them, it’s better”, preferring to see a policy framework that encourages “certain kinds of startups” as current US policy doesn’t encourage the specific high-potential startups. 

In this context it is worth noting the recent RAND report, In the Name of Entrepreneurship?, which discusses the impact of special regulatory treatment for small business in the US, and the Word Bank research on Entrepreneurship and firm formation across countries which finds significant relationships between entrepreneurial activity and the quality of the regulatory environment and governance.

On a more positive note, Shane offers 10 tips to improve your odds of startup success.




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