Creative industries and their contribution to the economy

29 01 2008

The contribution of the creative industries to the UK economy is explored in a new research report from NESTA, Beyond the Creative Industries: mapping the creative economy in the United Kingdom. When policymakers and industry professionals can accurately measure this contribution to economic activity, they are better placed to communicate key concepts, share reliable data and make the case for greater investment. This report complements earlier studies (Creative Industry performance and London’s Creative Sector) and seeks to improve on the available data about the true extent of creative activity within the economy.

The wider European context will be explored in a study on unleashing talent and creativity in Europe, which was announced this month by the European Commission, following an informal meeting of representatives from the Member States’ Culture Ministries to discuss the potential of culture to boost jobs and growth.  The European Commissioner for Education, Training, Youth and Culture, Mr Ján Figel’, announced the creation of a group of experts from Member States and a group with civil society organisations from the creative and cultural industries. These task groups will to focus on unleashing the full potential of the cultural and creative industries, especially in small and medium sized enterprises, to help achieve the aims of the EU’s Lisbon Strategy for growth and jobs.




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