Enterprising Britain

6 02 2008

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled the results of an authoritative study into the UK’s environment for enterprise, produced by independent experts at one of the UK’s leading business schools*.  He launched the report, Enterprising Britain, at yesterday’s summit of the New Enterprise Council, a body of leading entrepreneurs brought together to advise the Conservative Party on how to make Britain the best place in the world to set up a business.  The interim report was published in October, and yesterday’s launch has received considerable press coverage

The authors write that “the main objective of this report is to develop a set of policy guidelines that would improve the culture of enterprise in the UK and thus contribute towards making Britain the enterprise capital of the world” and the report discuses the current state of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial culture, environmental barriers, and policy initiatives before presenting its conclusions.  The NCGE noted  the emphasis on the role of universities and the continued need to encourage graduates to be more entrepreneurial.

The report comes as the Government is preparing to launch its new enterprise strategy this spring: the Prime Minister and ministers from BERR have been involved in an extensive consultation exercise with regional, national and sectoral meetings on “Building a New Enterprise Framework” since the autumn.

*Dr. Davide Sola, Dr. Anthony J. Evans and Adina Poenaru of the ESCP-EAP European School of Management




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8 02 2008
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[…] 8 02 2008 The publication of Enterprising Britain has been rapidly followed by the publication of Future Strategic Challenges for Britain, published by the Strategy Unit of the Cabinet Office.  This assessment of the future strategic […]

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