Research on gender and entrepreneurship

18 02 2008

New research papers focusing on gender and entrepreneurship in over twelve countries will be presented this week at the Fifth Annual International Prowess Conference (to be held in Peterborough from 20 – 21 February).  The final selection of papers has been announced, which includes research from the United States, France, Bangladesh, Finland, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the UK.  The presentations will focus on the key themes of this year’s conference: the future of women’s enterprise, science, engineering and technology, migrant, ethnical and environmental enterprise, business growth and community cohesion. The research strand is sponsored by De Montfort University.

Two items in today’s news also focus on gender and entrepreneurship:  a report that men dominate Swedish entrepreneurship and a blog post asking does testosterone make men more likely to start businesses?.  A study by Företagarna, an organization representing Swedish entrepreneurs, shows that Sweden has fewer women entrepreneurs than almost every other country in Europe.  The study reports that only 3.9% percent of Swedish women run their own companies, well below the EU average of 5.7%, despite the fact that Sweden usually ranks close to the top globally in matters of gender equity.  Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Western Ontario found that the students with entrepreneurial experience had higher testosterone levels than those who had never been involved in starting new businesses; view abstracts here and here.




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