Rural entrepreneurship

4 03 2008

In the debate about the withdrawal of funding for ELQs (equivalent or lower qualifications), it is interesting to note that landscape training may be exempt from the £100m cuts the Government is making to higher education this year. This is because land-based studies are considered strategically important or vulnerable subjects.  The strategic importance was emphasised at today’s Young Entrepreneurs Conference at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, when young rural entrepreneurs were warned of the need to avoid diversification pitfalls – and to balance new enterprises with the core farming business.

Other forthcoming conferences which will focus on rural enterprise are:

  • The WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) Conference is now in its eighth year and brings together women from all stages and types of business.  The theme of the 2008 WiRE Conference is WiFi and Wellies. Part Welly, Part WiFi, embracing everything that is rural; from traditional crafts, local foods and farm diversifications to everything that is high tech, women in rural enterprises embody the huge diversity of rural businesses. They remain true to their rural roots but gallop ahead in the new technologies field to build bigger and better businesses.
  • The Centre for Research into Regional Development (CRRED) will be hosting two conferences to run concurrently on 22nd and 23rd May 2008: the 6th Rural Entrepreneurship Conference and Rural Regional Development: Sustainability, Culture and Business.



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