Women and the Enterprise Strategy

27 03 2008

The announcement of  a £12.5 million fund to be spent on redressing the gender imbalance among entrepreneurs as part of the Government’s Enterprise Strategy has not been universally welcomed.  The effectiveness of this provision has been questioned by the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE) and several business commentators (see Please, sir, may we have some more? and When a helping hand doesn’t help). 

 Interestingly, two events in the past fortnight (organised well in advance of the announcement of the Enterprise Strategy) have given female entrepreners the opportunity to showcase their ideas and inspire other women to follow in their footsteps:  the British Female Inventor and Innovator Network (BFIIN) announced its 2008 Award Winners at the BFIIN  annual Conference, and the British Library organised the Mothers of Invention event which featured five entrepreneurial women telling their stories.

Another cohort of would-be entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to receive support when the second Flying Start Programme for Women commences with a residential workshop in Sheffield in July.  The format will be similar to the first Programme run in January 2008.




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