Launch of China/UK Entrepreneurship Educators Network

12 05 2008

The China-UK Entrepreneurship Educators Network will be launched this week in Hangzhou, China to coincide with the WUN Hangzhou China Enterprise Conference and is being supported by the British Council. The Network is a collaborative venture with NCGE’s Chinese partners: Shanghai Technology Entrepreneurship Foundation for Graduates (STEFG) and the Shanghai Institute for Foreign Trade (SIFT). The aim of the new Network is to impact on student and graduate entrepreneurship by engaging in effective collaboration between Chinese and UK institutions through exemplar education.

The Network members – entrepreneurship educators from Chinese and UK institutions – will exchange good practice, exchange staff and students, and develop joint programmes and materials for entrepreneurship educators. The Network will also link with the winners of the UK PMI2 awards in entrepreneurship and employability that are built around relationships between Chinese and UK Universities.

Key Network activities will include:

  • a collaborative IEEP China Programme to encourage co-operation and exchange between Chinese and UK education institutions.
  • a special programme and series of textbooks written for China and the UK will be launched and made available to all universities in China. The programme will focus on entrepreneurship educators in Chinese institutions and aims to provide the tools, models and materials that will enable them to grow entrepreneurship education across the tertiary sector in China.
  • STEFG and NCGE will create a China-UK Graduate Entrepreneurship Fellows Programme starting in January 2009. Initially five UK and five Chinese entrepreneurship graduates will trade places for a two month period.



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